Tinkering with my Blog Theme–Again.

I love working on my Blog.  It’s fun, relatively easy (compared to climbing a huge mountain, or understanding Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, or even cutting an even edge with a power saw,) and endlessly rewarding in creating something unique to offer my deathless prose…well gosh, that’s my point…my words will be out there bouncing around in cyberspace forever.

Since my first WordPress theme, long ago…maybe three serious years ago, I have tried out countless themes for my blog.  Since March 2015 alone, Sometimes has undergone 25 different changes, more than half of those returns to my present theme–Bold Life.   Those are changes are just the ones that are listed on the revisions page, I forget all of the different themes I used prior to March.

Most of the changes to my theme were explorations into one basic feature, replacing the stark white background of the content page.  My eyes are sensitive to light, and I am constantly looking for a way to change my background to a soft color, other than white.  I should say here that I have for years and years tried to change my background color in various Windows and other writing platforms.   Since I have not had unlimited time to search, I just cut the brightness of the computer screen itself.

Yes, I do pay for the Premium features for Custom Design.  Some themes offer the color factors I want, but not other things like size of Heading images, and menus and various custom features available in specific themes.    It just takes some tinkering to find a theme that is really expressive of my goals for my blog…but herein lies one of the detracting factors of blogging, spending so much time on the mechanical aspects of the blog instead of writing substantive posts.

Choosing a theme from the hundreds available is part of the fun, though, and I will not commit to never looking at a new theme.

Hit the 50+ Post mark! Yay! New Theme (again.)

Yep, I now have 54 posts on SOMETIMES. Not sure how many themes have been tried out on this blog.  A lot. Note:  the new theme, called SAGA, is new too (at least to me) and this version of SOMETIMES  is RAW, folks… no colors, no background, no header ….no nothing.   Except my good old posts ranging from astute to nonsensical–all 54 of them!    Don’t worry though…no good theme goes untouched!  I will get to it soon.   Please let me know what you think… I’m such a copy cat.