When–Be Specific

Day 9 Writing 201,Poetry: Cold, Found Poetry, Epistrophe/Amaphora I didn’t do the “found poetry” part of the assignment yet.                                          BE SPECIFIC Once in awhile I think of the song “Once in Awhile.” Once in awhile I say hello to someone I see only once in awhile. Once in awhile it is “Now and Then” WHEN?Continue reading “When–Be Specific”

There’s Work to be Done…but Poetry is SUCH Fun!

Writing 201: Poetry, Day Six — Faces, Found Poetry, Chiasmus (what the heck is Chiasmus?)             Booksellers Lament Books in order means order in books to find them is the key with thousands of books the ONE that is wanted is the one nowhere to be found. Well, it MUST be somewhere unless it wasContinue reading “There’s Work to be Done…but Poetry is SUCH Fun!”

What to do when Not Writing

Not really…writing is my life, and it stays above everything else. So that means that if I am not actively engaged in writing/blogging/photographing/researching…but pursuing any other interests, time is spent on avoidance of the thing I want to do most. What else is there?, you ask. Well, there is gardening, which involves good intentions, wishfulContinue reading “What to do when Not Writing”