A Thousand “LIKES”…Wow! (Thanks and a photo of ME)

Yep…just got the notice in my message box–the one with the little bell that shows up when I hear from a follower.    This is very encouraging. This is a photo of ME…trying to hide behind my camera. One of my experimental shots…me taking a picture reflected in the glass door. <eye roll>

Time to Try a New Theme….Ta Da

[Updated version of this post.] Yep, its that time again…a brand new theme for my blog.    This one is called Colinear. The main reason I looked for another theme was that I wanted to show off the photo of this gorgeous cloud formation, and a small header space just didn’t do it justice.  I wantedContinue reading “Time to Try a New Theme….Ta Da”

Choosing a new photo–black swim suit or a blooming poppy?

Seriously thinking of changing my avatar picture.  Gosh…I look like I’m eighty years old in that photo! Actually as photos of me go, this one is not as bad as most.  I have taken about a zillion Selfies…each one worse than the previous.    But to be honest, the only picture of me that I haveContinue reading “Choosing a new photo–black swim suit or a blooming poppy?”