the logic of nightmares

,Three doors. I see the doors and I know I have to choose one…or one will be chosen for me, and I know that is what I should avoid at all costs. In my nightmare I am awake, and aware that I am not asleep.

The door on the left seems to be shimmering almost like the effect of a digitalized signal from a satellite dish, emitting a low, almost inaudible hum. The door on the right appears to moving, pulsating in a boundless throb, which is sensed rather than physically felt. By contrast, the door in the center is mundane and nondescript.

On the floor beneath my feet is a Venn diagram, two overlapping circles, one painted black the other white, with the overlap section painted with silver. I stand in the very center, but I am not a body but only an ephemeral wisp.

So, as the time became the present, with an urgency for me to choose one of the doors, I am aware that the time has run out,and I make my choice:

… the center door.

Just as I reach the door the knob falls off in my hand, the door still closed…with no hint at what lies within.

I know, in the dream, why I have chosen this center door. It is my nature to be of the conviction that nothing is ever black or white, but only shades of grey. Therefore the point of this nightmare is this–whatever the potential value or cost of what unknown trash or treasure lay behind the two doors will be modified and adjusted by the common influence of the leveling and equalizing features of the Venn diagram.

The point? There is rarely a point to a nightmare.