Flying the friendly skies, back in the day

I LOVED flying. I even liked airports, whether the reason was actually going somewhere myself, a trip with a husband, or even just providing transportation for someone else. The atmosphere of the terminal was always exciting, with people walking fast or almost running down the concourse to make a flight. Dragging or pushing carry-on bagsContinue reading “Flying the friendly skies, back in the day”

The Decade 1945-1955: My Life, Part 3

Having outlined important features of my life through early childhood,  into World War II and out by age 11, what follows here is a rather well-edited version  of the highlights of my life during the decade of 1945-1955. History According to Me: 1945-1955 PART 3 of Who Am I? On the last day of World War II,Continue reading “The Decade 1945-1955: My Life, Part 3”