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  • Grand Central Station of the Universe

    This is one of four photo images suggested for my Writing101 class, Word Press Blogging University.  The assignment was to choose a photo that reminds us of something, and to write about it.  I was in my living room, working on my little Kindle Fire–which I love, although it is not really helpful to me when…

  • Who Needs Punctuation??? (Yes–We Do!!!)

    Punctuation is one of my most favorite topics. I regularly yell at signs posted on businesses along the roadway who declare such comments as WE HAVE WATERMELON’S TODAY.  Or worse yet SUNDAY SERVICE’S, or even… 4 SAIL SHOE’S. Yep, the culprit–misuse of apostrophe’s.  (Yes I spelled it on purpose…just sayin’.) Wrongly spelled words bug me.  Especially when  posted on a SCHOOL…

  • More Tree Garden Gallery…

  • Tree Garden Gallery


  • Generosity!!! Reblogged from Autumn Ambles … with The Bride

    Originally posted on Autumn Ambles: Abundance! No fairer lass there ever be Than Generosity, Her comeliness for all to see, Sans animosity – Patent felicity!  © Meanderings 2015

  • subversive

    I love this! I relate, I guess. I hit the reblog button…thanks in advance!

  • On Writing Poetry… with a nod to Miss Edwards

    I have always been a writer.  At age twelve, more or less, I wrote a novel.  Although I don’t recall any details of the plot, or characterization,  I do remember a name…Joyce Reena Phane.   That was to be my pen name, I believe.  To me that name was beautiful, and the very essence of…

  • Cycle of Red

    CYCLE OF RED Maple tree dressed in Red remember the warm days of Fall dream forward to Spring when new buds have unfolded and Green leaves look forward to Red.

  • Photographer or Pitcha-taker?

    Once, decades ago, the Chief Photographer at the newspaper where I worked  asked me a question that has remained in my thought-processor to emerge every once in awhile: “Do you want to be a Photographer?  Or just a Pitcha-taker.?” At the time I had only recently began providing photos to accompany my news stories.  I…

  • Direct Line

    The Moon, far away as it is bright dims the brighter light of the stars My eye sight follows the path of that light passing the light-years between Knowing full well the facts of the Moonlight reflecting the light of the Sun, it nevertheless leads me to imagine that the Moon makes its own light…

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