It’s Here! It’s Here! It’s Here !

I’m still not breathing at 100%, but so far, so good. WHAT is here? I have been as anxious as a kid on Christmas morning, waiting patiently for it to arrive. The song going through my head:   “I’m so Excited!  I just can’t hide it–I’m about to lose control, and I  think I like it!”Continue reading “It’s Here! It’s Here! It’s Here !”

So if you’re a Writer–why aren’t you writing?

This is a question I have asked myself over and over– “if I am a writer, why am I not writing?” I AM writing, or thinking about writing, or reading some deathless passages penned during my starry-eyed youth.  Poetry, expounding on the various virtues and lack thereof possessed by certain passages of fancy…romantic interests withContinue reading “So if you’re a Writer–why aren’t you writing?”

Below the Matrix…a dream

(Please note: This Post was originally a Page,  for WordPress reasons, so if it seems familiar that is because it has been published verbatim previously.  This switch is part of my Housekeeping chores for my blog.  Thanks.) There is a deep and thick underbelly of the city.  I usually begin slightly inside the perimeter, headingContinue reading “Below the Matrix…a dream”

The Decade 1945-1955: My Life, Part 3

Having outlined important features of my life through early childhood,  into World War II and out by age 11, what follows here is a rather well-edited version  of the highlights of my life during the decade of 1945-1955. History According to Me: 1945-1955 PART 3 of Who Am I? On the last day of World War II,Continue reading “The Decade 1945-1955: My Life, Part 3”

Who am I to have an About Page? Part 2: Me and the War

In the first installment of this feature, Who Am I to have an About Page?   I started out as a newcomer to the world on a Friday the 13th, and by the end of Part One I had been to California and back, eaten part of a persimmon and part of a gourd, andContinue reading “Who am I to have an About Page? Part 2: Me and the War”

Who am I — and What am I doing here?

This introduction post has been an assignment of the blogging101 course that I just never got around to doing, so with a new course starting it’s as good a time as any. And yes, I do intend to change my header image…soon. This is a hard thing to do, making up a sort of resume,Continue reading “Who am I — and What am I doing here?”