Adventures of an Old Newspaper Writer

Interview notes on the way back to the newsroom from an assignment often found their first light of day in the little notebook.   Driving and writing at the same time is a skill. 6 We wrote on newsprint those days, long sheets the size of legal pads, whitish and cheap but useful.    There were noContinue reading “Adventures of an Old Newspaper Writer”

Confessions of a “Non-Traditional Student.”

At the age of fifty, I declared that since half my life was over…the other half (arbitrarily estimated at fifty more years) would be…mine.   Really it was more of a threat than a promise, but when complaining that everyone but me had been allowed to pursue a college education, and by implication, a career.   “Everyone”Continue reading “Confessions of a “Non-Traditional Student.””

Welcome to my Wonderland

When Alice fell down the rabbit hole into Wonderland, she had no clue as to what to expect.    She didn’t know where she was going, what she would find once she got there, and why the whole thing was happening.   “What the heck?”  Alice must have said. Actually the whole adventure must have been something likeContinue reading “Welcome to my Wonderland”

An unlikely visit from a Hummingbird.

My story about the Butterfly on my deck originally included a Hummingbird.  The tale is true, but I decided not to stretch my credibility by putting two improbable creatures in the same post, but they were in fact on my deck under a canopy at the same time. There are a pair of the littleContinue reading “An unlikely visit from a Hummingbird.”

Butterflies and Cameras

 At first I thought it was artificial, a butterfly made of painted wood, with wire legs and antennae.  One of the kids had put it there to fool me, or as a surprise.   I stared at it closely, and one of its legs twitched almost imperceptibly.  Its black body was covered with white polka-dots, close together in horizontal rows. Continue reading “Butterflies and Cameras”