What’s in a Title? Is a Hibiscus Flower too much? (posting misadventures)

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Experience tells me that once an error is made, it is often better to just let it go. There is an old secretary’s saying that once you mess up on handling an important message for the boss you will keep making it worse with each new contact. So I’ll try again…

I am Who I am, no matter how hard I try to be someone else

Yep, here I am in Blogging101 again.  This time my intentions are good, but that is normal…and we all know what they say about good intentions. It occurred to me once when I was embarking upon a “reality trip” to Mexico, that I would soon be meeting a whole new group of people who hadContinue reading “I am Who I am, no matter how hard I try to be someone else”

A story involving a dog named Bob…

 A Tall Tale, told in jest, on a sort of a “dare.”   The mail carrier arrives in her little truck about one p.m.   We have a big mailbox, which will hold good-sized packages along with lots of regular mail, which sits out by the road.  Except for watching on-coming traffic, which I avoid by standingContinue reading “A story involving a dog named Bob…”

…and they lived Happily Ever-After?

(Daily Prompt: living happily forever.) When the beautiful Princess meets the handsome (and rich) Prince at the end of the fairy tale, and the author tells us that “they lived happily forever after,” the notion is at least implied that the author has taken us along the barbed and beautiful path winding through the storyContinue reading “…and they lived Happily Ever-After?”

Passwords and User Name Woes

(original title: RISE OF THE MACHINES–EMAIL WOE EDITION. Every one of the accounts I have…personal, business, creditors…requires a password.  I have three Yahoo accounts that I use frequently, and each has a separate password.  Today I changed the password on one of the account’s three times.  I didn’t write it down, forgot it, it justContinue reading “Passwords and User Name Woes”

Calling the WordPolice–where are you when we need you?

This will likely come as something of a shock to the Word Police, who I really count on to be on guard against spelling mistakes. But a post which I published earlier today has a serious misspelling. The correct word spelling is — “irresistible.” I spelled it “irresistable.” Now that I am examining them soContinue reading “Calling the WordPolice–where are you when we need you?”

Irresistible: The Flaky Croissant

[The Daily Prompt…if a restaurant named a dish after you, what would it be called?”] Oh, that’s an easy one… it would be called The Flaky Croissant. Probably listed under a special category on the menu, like “Build Your Own Burger” or “Breakfast Your Way.” THE FLAKY CROISSANT $3.95 and Up Start with … yep,Continue reading “Irresistible: The Flaky Croissant”

Trash and treasure in 400 words…

[Day 19, writing101 Free Writing, 400 words non-stop] Four hundred words is not really that many,  it depends on the subject, the time, and style of writing. One thing I’ve been wanting to do (I don’t like that “been wanting to do” instead of simply saying “wanted to do.”  Anyway, the Word Police probably won’tContinue reading “Trash and treasure in 400 words…”