My favorite paper doll–Greer Garson

(DailyPost, favorite toy as a child.) My favorite toy as a young girl was my paper doll collection. I owned as many sets, or books, of paper dolls as I possibly could. There was a paper doll edition of just about any Hollywood movie star a kid could think of, in addition to all sortsContinue reading “My favorite paper doll–Greer Garson”

Who am I to have an About Page? Part 2: Me and the War

In the first installment of this feature, Who Am I to have an About Page?   I started out as a newcomer to the world on a Friday the 13th, and by the end of Part One I had been to California and back, eaten part of a persimmon and part of a gourd, andContinue reading “Who am I to have an About Page? Part 2: Me and the War”

Hey, news anchors…how about talking to US?

This thing about being left out during news broadcasts has bugged me for a long time. Some are more blatant than others. These are the choreographed news shows in which there are two anchors: let’s call them George and Mabel. They have correspondents out in the rain…or snow, or hurricane winds, or war zone…just standingContinue reading “Hey, news anchors…how about talking to US?”