Kicking the Habit…take that Candy Crush!

THE ART OF ANNOYANCE… I am a compulsive obsessive creature that tip-taps tattoos with my fingernails on any surface.  I count the holes in my Crocs (there are 13,)   I like having ten of anything, be it beads, cookies, peas…and always try to sort anything that comes in multiple numbers into groups of five.   ActuallyContinue reading “Kicking the Habit…take that Candy Crush!”

All or Nothing… which is the quest?

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “All or Nothing?.” This is an easy prompt for me.   I prefer to be wanting everything rather than nothing. Wanting everything is often meant critically…when I say I want to study everything, grouchy stern people say “that isn’t possible.  You can’t study everything.”  Well, that’s true ofContinue reading “All or Nothing… which is the quest?”

Why Auntie Buzz is the life of the party…

Gradmama2011 November 19, 2014 at 1:54 pm Eccentric people are my favorite kind. What is the opposite of eccentric? Plain, Conforming, Ordinary? I wonder who set up the rule book for behavior? Who decided how we all should act, and set the standards for our respective cultures? Picture a committee of faceless, uninteresting, boring peopleContinue reading “Why Auntie Buzz is the life of the party…”

An unlikely visit from a Hummingbird.

My story about the Butterfly on my deck originally included a Hummingbird.  The tale is true, but I decided not to stretch my credibility by putting two improbable creatures in the same post, but they were in fact on my deck under a canopy at the same time. There are a pair of the littleContinue reading “An unlikely visit from a Hummingbird.”

Butterflies and Cameras

 At first I thought it was artificial, a butterfly made of painted wood, with wire legs and antennae.  One of the kids had put it there to fool me, or as a surprise.   I stared at it closely, and one of its legs twitched almost imperceptibly.  Its black body was covered with white polka-dots, close together in horizontal rows. Continue reading “Butterflies and Cameras”