Say What? Overcoming Language Differences…

You know what I’m saying? Sometimes understanding is difficult to achieve.   I have been in situations where I have had to or wanted to make myself clear.  Conversations that come to mind are often hilarious, although at the time miscommunication was not one bit funny…but frustrating, or even frightening. I can read Spanish, but speakingContinue reading “Say What? Overcoming Language Differences…”

Beware of hot Pop-Tarts…and the Word Police

There is something that bothers me, and I have been meaning to throw the question out to see if anyone knows or cares about the answer. Here it is, the question– how and when was the word “ensure” imposed upon us as the preferred (if not required) usage in instruction booklets and manuals for allContinue reading “Beware of hot Pop-Tarts…and the Word Police”

What was that song again?

While reading up on some of my favorite blogs a little while ago one of the bloggers mentioned Wyoming.  I looked at the gorgeous photos and immediately a line from a song, or rather a phrase from the song, which ended with: “…you know that Wyoming will be your new home…” popped into my head.Continue reading “What was that song again?”

Last Post Forever? Thanks for everything…I’ll keep in touch.

[This is a suggestion in an assignment for TheDailyPost, at the end of a blogging101 class.  Hope it isn’t really my last post, but it is not far from the truth.] Dear Universe…I have submitted my more or less official life story through a series of blogs, similar in some ways to a written journal orContinue reading “Last Post Forever? Thanks for everything…I’ll keep in touch.”

Mad Woman Searching for Lost Things

When I lose something…or more accurately have misplaced it…there is no rest for me or anyone near me, until the missing item has reappeared.  I do believe in the old prayer to St. Anthony, the patron saint of lost things, or is he the saint of the people who have LOST something? Either way, IContinue reading “Mad Woman Searching for Lost Things”

The Aztec Calendar meets Thoth & the Sacre Couer

My walls are adorned with an eclectic collection of art. There is no plan or theme, except for the empty-space-on-the-wall school. Many of the treasures in my gallery are the works of various kids and grands, who inherited the strong strain of artistic talent that runs through our family…I personally did not. A large framedContinue reading “The Aztec Calendar meets Thoth & the Sacre Couer”

If I could clone myself…well, I’d be outta here!

The  prompt for blogging101 today asks what I would do if I could clone myself into several of Me, how would I assign responsibilities.   So this is my answer to that good question.   I am creating  five copies, or clones, of myself.  (I suppose it is too much to ask that one or more ofContinue reading “If I could clone myself…well, I’d be outta here!”