The Great Cat Caper, Shelter Edition

Getting the Cats and Building the Shelter: We have a big feral cat population here in our neighborhood, or I should say more accurately we DID have a problem number of cats last year.   Originally there were three kittens dropped off by some inconsiderate person in our front yards.  They disappeared for a year orContinue reading “The Great Cat Caper, Shelter Edition”

Paper, please: Ode to a Genuine Map

[Writing 201, Poetry.  DAY FOUR: Metaphors]                           Paper, Please… One of the things I quite enjoy and sorely miss is a Map, a good old fashion paper map in a neatly-folded packet. Nevermind that it opens easily, but defies return to its jacket Assuming a set of highway coordinates– say 77 and 211, a NorthContinue reading “Paper, please: Ode to a Genuine Map”

Who you calling Imperfect?

[Writing 201, Poetry.  DAY 4: Imperfect, Limerick, Enjambment–which is a technique they must have taught when I was skipping English class in high school.]            Who you calling imperfect? There once was a boy named Donald Who wanted to  be rich, and grow up to be President ha ha! said the people as he startedContinue reading “Who you calling Imperfect?”

wrinkles in time, a poem

[Writing 201: Poetry, Day Three — Skin, Prose Poetry, Internal Rhyme]       rhythm and flow and here we go–gathering information and seeking inspiration               Wrinkles in Time Once her skin was smooth and soft inviting a lover’s touch… Now her arms recall the delight of it all as the feeling  of warm fingers still lingers erasing theContinue reading “wrinkles in time, a poem”


[Writing201, Poetry.   Today’s assignment involves the word GIFT, and Crostic, and Alliteration.]         A Perfect Past Present Better a book, than a boat or a bear Or my childhood dream would be dashed Only such a gift would Keep me a happy child. I would never have wanted clothing Neither undies nor socks…in a boxContinue reading “A PERFECT PAST PRESENT for Poetry Class”

“Do the name Ruby Begonia ring a bell?” (per Flip Wilson.)

Does anyone remember the comedian Flip Wilson, who was often on the telly back in the the 60s? One of his monologues, included the lines: He who has nothing shall have less, and that which he has shall be taken from him…and the people cheered:  “yay King, yay King.” The narrative continued, making fun ofContinue reading ““Do the name Ruby Begonia ring a bell?” (per Flip Wilson.)”

The Year of the Spider

[These photos are of spiders at work in my tree garden.   As far as I know, the spiders in the first and third photo are NOT the same.     For all my spider enthusiast Readers out there–I have more spiders and webs to show you in another post.      All photos and other content in my blog,Continue reading “The Year of the Spider”