Meeting With Myself, a poem by Majka, reblogged from her site

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I got lost. I went searching for myself. I closed my eyes, the darkness was falling down… to where did I come? I´m standing in front of a temple. The old man is looking at me from the stairs.  He is wearing a light cassock, his beard is reaching to his breast. I…

Ice on the Water Dish, Frost on the Cat Shelter

Yep, it had to happen…just not quite so early.  Well it IS Northern Ohio, and anything the weather people come up with is no surprise.   But golly, it’s only October 19…which is my grand-daughter Gina’s 19th birthday. But we always have a frost (not to say freeze) in late October…just enough to smite the foliageContinue reading “Ice on the Water Dish, Frost on the Cat Shelter”


(This poem is my first entry for the group MAGPIE TALES. The inspiration is this drawing , No. 8, Black Flowing, Jackson Pollock   BRAIN WORKING So many thoughts and images tangle and mingle and jiggle the senses Life in my brain is filled with riches and images, clearly vivid through lenses Here isContinue reading “BRAIN WORKING”

A Pleasant Chat With Myself …with no regrets

Writing 201, poetry: Pleasure, Sonnet, Apostrophe (not that kind of apostrophe…)                      Say What, SELF? Talking to Myself is something I do Listing accomplishments, dreams, and regrets. Bragging to Self is always permitted as long as the truth is told. But sometimes I resent what SELF has to say in questioning and doubting and high-handedContinue reading “A Pleasant Chat With Myself …with no regrets”

When–Be Specific

Day 9 Writing 201,Poetry: Cold, Found Poetry, Epistrophe/Amaphora I didn’t do the “found poetry” part of the assignment yet.                                          BE SPECIFIC Once in awhile I think of the song “Once in Awhile.” Once in awhile I say hello to someone I see only once in awhile. Once in awhile it is “Now and Then” WHEN?Continue reading “When–Be Specific”

An Elegy to an Endless Moment in Time

Day 8: Writing 201,Poetry:   Flavor, Elegy, Enumeratio An Endless Moment Sometimes a moment can encompass an hour, a few days or a week enhances the power of a memory — how poignant or sweet or mundane as a walk down a street. Fraught with danger, when meeting a stranger, some moments include a flash ofContinue reading “An Elegy to an Endless Moment in Time”

The Neighborhood Dance, or Taming the Wild Assonants

Writing 201, Poetry–Day 7: Neighborhood, Ballad, Assonance (This rhythym sort of works to the tune of “Sweet Betsy from Pike.” or even “Beverly Hillbilly song.”) Neighborhood Dance A natty Anteater’s Aunt wanted a chance to meet an Easy-going Eel sufficient in charms, the Idea she had was to learn how to dance, but Only oneContinue reading “The Neighborhood Dance, or Taming the Wild Assonants”

There’s Work to be Done…but Poetry is SUCH Fun!

Writing 201: Poetry, Day Six — Faces, Found Poetry, Chiasmus (what the heck is Chiasmus?)             Booksellers Lament Books in order means order in books to find them is the key with thousands of books the ONE that is wanted is the one nowhere to be found. Well, it MUST be somewhere unless it wasContinue reading “There’s Work to be Done…but Poetry is SUCH Fun!”

Thanks T. S. Eliot, I loved meeting J. Alfred Prufrock

[This poem by T. S. Eliot is my all-time favorite.  I had not decided on an appropriate entry for this weekend’s Writing 201 assignment, which was to offer a work by “someone else,” other than our own.   I suppose it was serendipity that started the sound track in my brain, whispering the words “In theContinue reading “Thanks T. S. Eliot, I loved meeting J. Alfred Prufrock”