The Thing I do Best is Now the Thing I Do FIRST

Shifting Priority I have decided to change my priority without worrying about inferiority or the ways of the majority. No longer will I pretend to put domestic concerns ahead of my life’s purpose — Writing! Back in the day any writing I did was secondary, or confined to the secretary’s desk. For a housewife back then furtive moments  were doled out as rewards or stray  opportunities to pen wayward words … Continue reading The Thing I do Best is Now the Thing I Do FIRST

grand central station draft

the grand central station of the universe souls of the travelers lost in time waiting eternally for their Lost Ones waiting for the other shoe to drop searching for the One that has come and gone taking along the tattered and lonely souls and broken hearts existing on the edge and biding their time in waiting What track is this? did I miss my connection? … Continue reading grand central station draft

On Writing Poetry… with a nod to Miss Edwards

I have always been a writer.  At age twelve, more or less, I wrote a novel.  Although I don’t recall any details of the plot, or characterization,  I do remember a name…Joyce Reena Phane.   That was to be my pen name, I believe.  To me that name was beautiful, and the very essence of sophistication.   I was quite proud of my novel, such … Continue reading On Writing Poetry… with a nod to Miss Edwards


(This poem is my first entry for the group MAGPIE TALES. The inspiration is this drawing , No. 8, Black Flowing, Jackson Pollock   BRAIN WORKING So many thoughts and images tangle and mingle and jiggle the senses Life in my brain is filled with riches and images, clearly vivid through lenses Here is joy and happiness awe and mystery, new invention Never too … Continue reading BRAIN WORKING