Word Police–stop editing our dictionary

[Warning: Not Politically Correct] The Word Police are at it again.  We aren’t allowed to say the word “thug.” Thug is NOT a racist word.  It is a term coined back in the olden days to describe a certain type of criminal–almost invariably a white (caucasian) male.. Just consider, please, the uses of the wordContinue reading “Word Police–stop editing our dictionary”

Stream-of-consciousness…proceed at yer own risk

[DAY THREE prompt for Writing 101.] Note: this is my offering for this assignment, which is to write for at least 15 minutes non-stop, without thinking much about where it is going or where it has been.  This is how my brain works, in compartmentalized tid-bits of life.  Normally I give the post at leastContinue reading “Stream-of-consciousness…proceed at yer own risk”

Just being “lunatic fringe” doesn’t mean I’m wrong…

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Three Letter Words.” As long as I am trying to respond to today’s post without using three letter words, I think I will employ this same venue to address a regular post that I have planned.    (Ha! thought I’d be tricked into using this word “utilize” whichContinue reading “Just being “lunatic fringe” doesn’t mean I’m wrong…”

Where has the “Loyal Opposition” gone?

Whatever happened to the concept of the “loyal opposition?”  What that meant  was that the two-party political system we entertain here in the United States was composed of both Democrats and Republicans, who more or less took turns running the country.  The percentage of Rs and Ds varied at different times.  The “loyal opposition” meant thatContinue reading “Where has the “Loyal Opposition” gone?”

Hey, news anchors…how about talking to US?

This thing about being left out during news broadcasts has bugged me for a long time. Some are more blatant than others. These are the choreographed news shows in which there are two anchors: let’s call them George and Mabel. They have correspondents out in the rain…or snow, or hurricane winds, or war zone…just standingContinue reading “Hey, news anchors…how about talking to US?”

Shades of Ricky Ricardo…or Cuba Rises Again

[This article was originally posted here on December 18, 2014, at the time of the original event.   I am re-posting it on the eve of the historic visit to Cuba by Pope Francis, on September 20, 2015.]. The bombshell news of President Obama’s restoration of diplomatic relations with Cuba came as a surprise, sort of,Continue reading “Shades of Ricky Ricardo…or Cuba Rises Again”

Killing the Messenger…or, What Would Jack Bauer Do?

Often the” tattle-tale” gets in more trouble than the actual culprit.  The kid that breaks the vase while showing off baseball prowess  in the living room gets less flack than the sibling who tells on him.    The gang-banger who reports a robbery to police will be permanently ostracized by peers, while the robber gets off with a slap on the wrist. Continue reading “Killing the Messenger…or, What Would Jack Bauer Do?”