Unexpected Dinner Guests at the Cat Shelter

Here are a couple of guests at dinner one night.  If I told anyone about these no one would believe me, so this time I got some photos to prove it.   The cats, who are the actual residents, were watching from a respectful distance.  The cats don’t object, but the animals do make a messContinue reading “Unexpected Dinner Guests at the Cat Shelter”

Ice on the Water Dish, Frost on the Cat Shelter

Yep, it had to happen…just not quite so early.  Well it IS Northern Ohio, and anything the weather people come up with is no surprise.   But golly, it’s only October 19…which is my grand-daughter Gina’s 19th birthday. But we always have a frost (not to say freeze) in late October…just enough to smite the foliageContinue reading “Ice on the Water Dish, Frost on the Cat Shelter”

Rambling and Mumbling on Paper…what will I say?

Today is the first day of a new assignment on Writing101.  Free-writing, thinking on paper, just as fast as the keys will work without getting jumbled…and the object is to develop a writing habit–writing every single day without exception.  No excuses…write on the computer, on the phone (yikes!), or with a pencil or pen onContinue reading “Rambling and Mumbling on Paper…what will I say?”

Never say never…if it doesn’t work forget it?

No, just kidding. A task begun not always turns out as expected. But I have tackled some impossible things, and some of them didn’t work…maybe many of them didn’t work. But running an idea or plan past a bunch of nay-sayers is counter-productive sometimes. A task is not necessarily impossible just because I can’t doContinue reading “Never say never…if it doesn’t work forget it?”