A Pleasant Chat With Myself …with no regrets

Writing 201, poetry: Pleasure, Sonnet, Apostrophe (not that kind of apostrophe…)                      Say What, SELF? Talking to Myself is something I do Listing accomplishments, dreams, and regrets. Bragging to Self is always permitted as long as the truth is told. But sometimes I resent what SELF has to say in questioning and doubting and high-handedContinue reading “A Pleasant Chat With Myself …with no regrets”

Flying the friendly skies, back in the day

I LOVED flying. I even liked airports, whether the reason was actually going somewhere myself, a trip with a husband, or even just providing transportation for someone else. The atmosphere of the terminal was always exciting, with people walking fast or almost running down the concourse to make a flight. Dragging or pushing carry-on bagsContinue reading “Flying the friendly skies, back in the day”

Not lost, not forgotten…just on another page.

[WRITING 101–DAY FOUR:  Something that I had once but lost.] We are back in the days of the sailing ships powered by great billowing canvas panels,  dependent on wind power. I am not sure of the year, or even the type of sailing vessel.  It may have been a great Clipper Ship, or a fast-treacherous slaver,Continue reading “Not lost, not forgotten…just on another page.”

My first glimpse of Paradise zooms back

[The prompt for Day Two — Writing 101.    “If you could zoom through space in the speed of light, what place would you go to right now?”] Now that is an easy assignment that took absolutely NO thought.  The question did indeed have the “zoom” effect.  My place that my inner image brings up is asContinue reading “My first glimpse of Paradise zooms back”

My secret refuge high above the trees of Yucatan.

There is a place that I go to in my mind whenever there is a need for a shut-down.   It is called Nohoch Mul, a pyramid built by natives a long time ago on the southern coast of the Yucatan Peninsula, near Cancun, Mexico.  It has probably been overrun by tourists by now, but whenContinue reading “My secret refuge high above the trees of Yucatan.”