Dealing with Writer’s Block — Just write about it!

Most writers suffer from an ailment called “writers’ block.” I Have given the malady a lot of thought over the years, and I do have some suggestions to offer. Here’s what I suggest to others: JUST WRITE! Sit down and grab your pen, and write something…even if its wrong. Start with a word like “the,”Continue reading “Dealing with Writer’s Block — Just write about it!”

What would I do with 90% more brain efficiency?

The Daily Prompt for today inspired me to break my bad case of writer’s block and get to work commenting on the question: what would I do if I could unlock the 90% of my brain that is closed, according to experts in the field that claim we humans only use about 10% of ourContinue reading “What would I do with 90% more brain efficiency?”

Kicking the Habit…take that Candy Crush!

THE ART OF ANNOYANCE… I am a compulsive obsessive creature that tip-taps tattoos with my fingernails on any surface.  I count the holes in my Crocs (there are 13,)   I like having ten of anything, be it beads, cookies, peas…and always try to sort anything that comes in multiple numbers into groups of five.   ActuallyContinue reading “Kicking the Habit…take that Candy Crush!”

Shades of Ricky Ricardo…or Cuba Rises Again

[This article was originally posted here on December 18, 2014, at the time of the original event.   I am re-posting it on the eve of the historic visit to Cuba by Pope Francis, on September 20, 2015.]. The bombshell news of President Obama’s restoration of diplomatic relations with Cuba came as a surprise, sort of,Continue reading “Shades of Ricky Ricardo…or Cuba Rises Again”

All or Nothing… which is the quest?

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “All or Nothing?.” This is an easy prompt for me.   I prefer to be wanting everything rather than nothing. Wanting everything is often meant critically…when I say I want to study everything, grouchy stern people say “that isn’t possible.  You can’t study everything.”  Well, that’s true ofContinue reading “All or Nothing… which is the quest?”

Killing the Messenger…or, What Would Jack Bauer Do?

Often the” tattle-tale” gets in more trouble than the actual culprit.  The kid that breaks the vase while showing off baseball prowess  in the living room gets less flack than the sibling who tells on him.    The gang-banger who reports a robbery to police will be permanently ostracized by peers, while the robber gets off with a slap on the wrist. Continue reading “Killing the Messenger…or, What Would Jack Bauer Do?”

Spinning Yarns, part 2–Me, Myself, and I

Speaking of writing in the first person, I have struggled with this for years. It is really annoying to have to re-write when composing an email to a friend. The I-did-this, and I-did that, gets old and needs to be repaired grammatically. However…that might get pretty boring and contrived. Sorry to be the grammar police,Continue reading “Spinning Yarns, part 2–Me, Myself, and I”

Spinning Yarns…wonderful double entrendre…

Ah ha! I just got it…”spinning yarns” has a double meaning: a literal definition in which a spinner spins yarns, on a spinning wheel, creating something substantial from something entirely different: producing a strong workable thread of wool or acrylic fibres. Actually something of a misnomer, as what the spinner actually spins are fibres, toContinue reading “Spinning Yarns…wonderful double entrendre…”

Why Auntie Buzz is the life of the party…

Gradmama2011 November 19, 2014 at 1:54 pm Eccentric people are my favorite kind. What is the opposite of eccentric? Plain, Conforming, Ordinary? I wonder who set up the rule book for behavior? Who decided how we all should act, and set the standards for our respective cultures? Picture a committee of faceless, uninteresting, boring peopleContinue reading “Why Auntie Buzz is the life of the party…”