I love this! I’m glad I read the information in its entirety. The poem is lovely by itself, but with an explanation it brings the words to life…and even I get it 🙂 The southwest desert is the place of my soul…


Genhe River Wetlands Hear

A deep hum echoes

Vibrating whispers unfurl

Throat imitates

Human and nature are one

Sounds illuminate souls

© Carol Campbell 2015

Carpe Diem Shaman Carpe Diem

“In Mongolian throat singing, the performer produces a fundamental pitch and—simultaneously—one or more pitches over that. The history of Mongolian throat singing reaches far back. Many male herders can throat sing, but women are beginning to practice the technique as well. The popularity of throat singing among Mongolian seems to have arisen as a result of geographic location and culture. The open landscape of Mongolia allows for the sounds to carry a great distance. Ethnomusicologists studying throat singing in these areas mark khoomei as an integral part in the ancient pastoral animism that is still practiced today. Often, singers travel far into the countryside looking for the right river, or go up to the steppes of the mountainside to create the proper environment for throat-singing.


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