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October 30, 2015


Tree Garden Gallery

by Gradmama2011


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  1. Oct 30 2015

    I had not thought of trees as a garden except in intensively manicured–and big, big–places. Much less thought of trees as or in a gallery. I enjoy this thought and attractive work. I like the cat going north. Sounds definite, intentional. I think cats look to act that way, even when they fall off the chair. Thank you!

    • Oct 30 2015

      The trees with a very few exceptions, grew by themselves and I pruned and cut to form the garden. It was a cabbage patch 15 years ago.

    • Oct 30 2015

      Absolutely, several of the pics have cats in them.

  2. Oct 30 2015

    The Winter Berry is lovely!

    • Oct 30 2015

      There is a Gentleman Jim Winterberry nearby, he doesn’t berry. My name for it. Thank you!

      • Oct 30 2015

        That seems like a nice name for a Gentleman. 🙂

      • Oct 30 2015

        🙂 I never could remember the name, so the one I gave him is it. He needs a lot of pruning, she not so much.

  3. Oct 30 2015

    Trees are fascinating…..Lovely! 🙂

    • Oct 30 2015

      The big twin maples (actually two seedlings originally and could not decide which one to prune) began in a flower part as a volunteer. I did plant them myself when they were very small.

  4. Nov 1 2015

    lovely photos


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