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October 28, 2015


Cycle of Red

by Gradmama2011

Red Maple


Maple tree dressed in Red

remember the warm days of Fall

dream forward to Spring

when new buds have unfolded

and Green leaves look forward to Red.

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  1. Oct 28 2015

    So true…Sweetly, pithily expressed. 🙂

    • Oct 28 2015

      appreciate it…the writing on that one just sort of happened 🙂 by the way, your photo of the white flowers with the dew drops inspired me to write a small rhyming verse, I will publish it tomorrow perhaps.:-)

  2. Oct 28 2015

    It’s all on a circle, it all comes around, doesn’t it? Beautifully put.

    • Oct 28 2015

      thank you, it was one of those things that just sort of wrote itself 😃

  3. Oct 28 2015

    The beauty of the seasons!

    • Oct 28 2015

      the colors are exceptional this year, so I wanted to get the photo of the red maple to go with my little poem before the wind and rain came.

  4. Oct 28 2015

    Lovely. We just missed the golden aspens in Colorado.

    • Oct 28 2015

      the colors are so vivid this year, I wanted to wait for the red maple to get even redder, but I didn’t want to wait too long as we had wind and rain.


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