An Elegy to an Endless Moment in Time

Day 8: Writing 201,Poetry:   Flavor, Elegy, Enumeratio

An Endless Moment

Sometimes a moment can encompass an hour,
a few days or a week enhances the power
of a memory — how poignant or sweet
or mundane as a walk down a street.

Fraught with danger, when meeting a stranger,
some moments include a flash of lightning
that strikes like a bolt and never retreats
no matter how old, or how far time has traveled,
the moment lives on and is never unraveled.

A moment remembered in memory unchanged, ever the same
no embroidery of the facts of the night.
The sprinkle of stars on the velvet black sky, lit the atmosphere
as the brilliance of a meteor shower, creating a twinkle in time.

Over and over, in reminiscence, we walk down that street
his hand takes mine, and warms to the welcome and tries a kiss…
and the rest of the tale is history

There is no happy sequel, all things being equal
but never forgotten by time as the years preserved and enfolded
that sweet long moment in time.






10 responses to “An Elegy to an Endless Moment in Time”

  1. R 'I' P Avatar

    Beautiful poetry!! 🙂

    1. Gradmama2011 Avatar

      thanks for your kind words, it was a bit of a change for me. glad you liked it…

      1. R 'I' P Avatar

        You’re most welcome 🙂

  2. calensariel Avatar

    Wow! You’ve really got this stuff!

    1. Gradmama2011 Avatar

      I wasn’t sure of this form. it is interesting using different forms 🙂

  3. Bushka Avatar

    What a delightful amble down the Memory Lane of Moments! Evocative images. 😉

    1. Gradmama2011 Avatar

      indeed. sometimes the briefest encounters are the ones that are long gone but not forgotten

  4. oneta hayes Avatar

    They lodge in our memories. However, I still dream of more to come.

    1. Gradmama2011 Avatar

      stranger things have happened 🙂

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