A Bee working a yellow-orange flower

Hi… I’m working, really, trying out Windows Live Writer.   I discovered there is a way to post directly from Photo Gallery, but I’m not sure if it takes the place of posting through the regular publishing page on WordPress.  I have SO much trouble with pictures on many levels, and spend lots of time messing around with my photos and the darn camera.

Don’t get me wrong…I’m not a newbie, just a mediocre photographer.   I’m using a little Sony DSC530.    It has a steady-shot feature, which helps some, but I still get too much shake when holding the camera and besides, my eyesight has never been really good for taking pictures.    But hey, that’s a story for another time.

If this post really…er, posts…I will be very happy.  


Bee at work

15 thoughts on “A Bee working a yellow-orange flower

  1. I’ve used Live Writer in the past but for some reason it won’t post anymore. Could be a problem with Windows 10. Are you using Windows 10?
    Love the bees. And orange flowers are so cheerful.

    1. Yes, I am using Windows 10. I switched back to IE instead of the new op system, Edge, because I’m having some issues with it. I did use 8.1 for awhile…almost made me quit trying to post photos! I like Photo Gallery when I can work it like its supposed to be. Since I have the digital camera I take lots of photos…couldn’t afford the film and print costs with the old (ha–like two years ago) SRL.

    1. I have never tried photographing anything close-up…it’s fun. If I could just keep still though, even with the no-shake feature I still have a lot of blurring. Probably need a camera with faster shutter speeds. Maybe I’ll read the instruction manual. ha ha

    1. I know that is what I want in other blogs…I love the armchair travels. I enjoy lots of photos and humor, conversational posts. they liked .my spiders…I had 30 likes, the most ever. 😊

    2. I think so too. I never can predict what will be liked and what won’t. My main issue is that I shake too much and ruin a lot of other half-way decent photos. my late husband did most. of the photography, he was into technical settings, but I did better when it came to esthetics.

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