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September 23, 2015


A Bee working a yellow-orange flower

by Gradmama2011

Hi… I’m working, really, trying out Windows Live Writer.   I discovered there is a way to post directly from Photo Gallery, but I’m not sure if it takes the place of posting through the regular publishing page on WordPress.  I have SO much trouble with pictures on many levels, and spend lots of time messing around with my photos and the darn camera.

Don’t get me wrong…I’m not a newbie, just a mediocre photographer.   I’m using a little Sony DSC530.    It has a steady-shot feature, which helps some, but I still get too much shake when holding the camera and besides, my eyesight has never been really good for taking pictures.    But hey, that’s a story for another time.

If this post really…er, posts…I will be very happy.  


Bee at work

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  1. Sep 23 2015

    I’ve used Live Writer in the past but for some reason it won’t post anymore. Could be a problem with Windows 10. Are you using Windows 10?
    Love the bees. And orange flowers are so cheerful.

    • Sep 23 2015

      Yes, I am using Windows 10. I switched back to IE instead of the new op system, Edge, because I’m having some issues with it. I did use 8.1 for awhile…almost made me quit trying to post photos! I like Photo Gallery when I can work it like its supposed to be. Since I have the digital camera I take lots of photos…couldn’t afford the film and print costs with the old (ha–like two years ago) SRL.

  2. Sep 23 2015

    Post received….I love photographing bees…..Might post a few soon. 😉

    • Sep 23 2015

      I have never tried photographing anything close-up…it’s fun. If I could just keep still though, even with the no-shake feature I still have a lot of blurring. Probably need a camera with faster shutter speeds. Maybe I’ll read the instruction manual. ha ha

  3. Sep 23 2015

    Ever tried playing around with your photos in Adobe Lightroom? It’s fantastic!

    • Sep 24 2015

      I haven’t, but I’ll check into it. My web photos just aren’t what I’d like them to be, too much background stuff.

  4. Sep 24 2015

    Bee and bloom were very visible. I’m in the boat with you — mediocre camera and novice skills — but your readers want to see what you see, or so they tell me.

    • Sep 24 2015

      I know that is what I want in other blogs…I love the armchair travels. I enjoy lots of photos and humor, conversational posts. they liked .my spiders…I had 30 likes, the most ever. 😊

    • Sep 26 2015

      I think so too. I never can predict what will be liked and what won’t. My main issue is that I shake too much and ruin a lot of other half-way decent photos. my late husband did most. of the photography, he was into technical settings, but I did better when it came to esthetics.

  5. Sep 26 2015

    Great colors, Gradmama!

  6. Sep 26 2015

    Great picture 🙂

    • Sep 27 2015

      thanks Louise. I like spiders and bees too…all kinds of critters. I will say that I’m glad the bee (on my my header) is not life-size. Scary looking guy, isn’t he?


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