Goals for Blogging

Blogging 201…Setting Goals

Starting a new class is always a challenge, with new goals, new classmates, and a new box of crayons.

Meeting new people and saying hello to familiar bloggers in The Commons, where members get together and chat about our blogs, still has something of that First Day of School excitement. .

My three goals are continuing…re-stated every class, and part of my general attitude and views on life.

Expand traffic to my blog..  Invite fellow bloggers to “Follow” my blog, and to follow theirs.   Actually I have been working on this goal…I just got a notice that September 14 (today) is my best day for “follows”….and yesterday was my best day so far ever for “likes.”    That is a mutual accomplishment there I think–I followed several other bloggers and they followed me.  That’s sweet!    According to my Stats, there is a total of 274 of you guys following me.  I’m not sure how many I’m following, probably more.

Start new features.   Share some of the thousands of photographs that I have taken over the years, when I was traveling regularly.   I love travel sites…and some of my favorites take me vicariously to all kinds of exotic and wonderful places.   I have some wonderful photos to share, myself.  So this goal could also include  stop talking about it and doing it.
Organize, Organize, Organize.     My Menus are badly in need of reorganizing…they are really mixed up.   My Categories need refining.  I need more Pages (as opposed to Posts) and get more photos off of my computers and into my posts.   If I’m waiting for “perfect” pictures…well, let’s just say they are as good as they are likely to get.     I have been yakking about the need for organization for ages, and it is about time…I was saying it was urgent back when I passed the 50 Posts mark way back when, and now I have 103 or 104 posts.    This is fine, except that even I can’t find some of my posts, and I have even forgotten that I ever wrote some.   I hate it when I find errors–like who cares?   I do.
So another goal which is sort of iffy is to write every day, and try to not spend so much time reading other people’s blogs.  I love doing that, and I really read — no skimming (well, hardly any) of posts.   And comments….I always make comments, and I try to help when I think I can.
So see you all in class…by the way, do you happen to have an extra  RED crayon?






10 responses to “Goals for Blogging”

  1. Vibrant Avatar

    Hello Gradmama 🙂

    I might have said this before: I love your header picture. It resonates so well with me that it might be one of the best I have seen among all thousands of blogs.

    I am glad you are feeling like the first day of the school. So do I. The WP courses have changed my life for better 🙂

    I hope you will keep making this steady progress. Filling colors with beautiful crayon pencils into your life.

    I really like your goals. You are thoughtful and perceptive.

    I wish you very best in blogging, 201 and life.

    Anand 🙂

    1. Gradmama2011 Avatar

      thanks, I appreciate that…I like the cloud pictures too, especially with the blue sky.

      1. Vibrant Avatar

        Yes, we both do 🙂

  2. Bushka Avatar

    Plenty to keep you busy…..wrapped up in those goals.;)

    1. Gradmama2011 Avatar

      yes, those are general goals, also I have a few household goals as well…eventually it all gets done more or less.

      1. Bushka Avatar

        Household goals always in place for many people. 😉

  3. amanpan Avatar

    I love the clouds and your style. Very impressive.

    1. Gradmama2011 Avatar

      thank you…I appreciate that

  4. Little Voice Avatar

    thanks for following me. Love any input you want to give. mj

    1. Gradmama2011 Avatar

      I enjoyed reading your posts, and find a lot of common ground there. 😊

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