Time to Try a New Theme….Ta Da

[Updated version of this post.]

Yep, its that time again…a brand new theme for my blog.    This one is called Colinear.

The main reason I looked for another theme was that I wanted to show off the photo of this gorgeous cloud formation, and a small header space just didn’t do it justice.  I wanted the whole cloud surrounded by blue sky, and some tree tops.

A nice bonus was that the theme allows the background of the text to be a color…this is a feature that I have wanted.   Mainly I like the soft color tint instead of stark white, which hurts my eyes.    Perhaps the cloud picture is too big, and maybe I will make it smaller.

Photos of the sky and clouds are a favorite of mine.


                                                                           Taken from my back deck.



The two photos above are in the same cloud formation.  The sun is setting (Left) and the clouds are moving toward the East, over Lake Erie about ten miles to the North.  Taken from an Ohio parking lot.







7 responses to “Time to Try a New Theme….Ta Da”

  1. HumaAq Avatar

    Good pictures and nice theme

  2. oneta hayes Avatar

    You are right about the light blue background for your text. Soothing and comfortable. Love the white clouds. The others are nice photos but unsettling to me. Look like storms are coming.

    1. Gradmama2011 Avatar

      oh…the two photos are actually of the same sky at the same time…I just moved the focus of my camera over. The bright blue with the fluffy clouds were taken from my back deck–my favorite place to shoot photos.

  3. Bushka Avatar

    Lovely! Familiar picture…… 😉

    1. Gradmama2011 Avatar

      oh…you must have seen the trial theme with the fruits and vegetables… I changed it to the big cloud right away but things go through cyberspace faster than I can think… ha

  4. Anne Mehrling Avatar

    The theme is lovely. You wear it well.

    1. Gradmama2011 Avatar

      thanks…I like it too, it has a lot of the features I’ve been looking for

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