More About Me…a sort of Newsletter

[Writing an ABOUT PAGE always reminds me of the “Holiday Newsletters” we used to get from relatives and friends—some welcome and fun, others not so much and more of an obligation to read.   I hope my About Page is informative, not obnoxious.   I offer these facts about my life for some kind of context for my Blog.]

I have had a full and exciting life so far, with lots of great opportunities and varied experience.

Sure, after high school I got to hop on a Navy ship and cross the Atlantic Ocean on a ship and spend a couple of years in Germany, living in new U.S. Army quarters.  It was right after World War II, and there were still bombed-out buildings in many of the cities and towns.   Back home in 1957, we lived at a number of military bases.

Then I fell in love with Tucson, Arizona…which to this day is like home to me.

Had five kids over a period of about ten years: one in Texas, two in Arizona, one in Pennsylvania, and one in Ohio.

Divorced and remarried in 1972.  My second husband was  Fire Chief in our Ohio town.

For awhile I dabbled in politics, worked for my pal the late U.S. Congressman Don J. Pease (D-13th Ohio) on campaigns during the mid-70s.    As Clerk of Council in my town, and secretary of planning and zoning boards, I used my writing for official purposes.

Worked for 18 years as a newspaper writer and reporter.

Decided I needed a “higher education” when I turned 50…half my life spent, the other half would be for Me.   So I enrolled at our wonderful Community College, and earned my Associate Degree in General Studies in 1988.

Then transferred my credits to Cleveland State University, and graduated with a Bachelors Degree in History, 1990.   I was accepted at the University of Akron, awarded a graduate assistantship in the History Department, and received my Masters of History in Latin American Studies.     Subsequently I entered the doctorate program, completed required academic work for a PhD, and then worked for ten years on my doctoral dissertation.  I did not complete the final version of numerous drafts, ran out of time, and–for reasons of procrastination–remain at the ABD, (All but Dissertation,) stage.

Let’s see…in my lifetime so far I have been fortunate in “falling into” wonderful opportunities.  Some I accepted, some not.   .

The single thing that has unified the threads of my life is — WRITING.   I have always been a writer since I was old enough to hold a pencil.   The writing has taken different paths, from fiction, school papers, university research projects, newspaper writing and reporting, and now writing on my WordPress blog.







9 responses to “More About Me…a sort of Newsletter”

  1. mary ann Avatar

    Interesting life! And still more to go!

    1. Gradmama2011 Avatar

      I hope so… I’m always glad to hear from you. still working on the flooring,what a hoot 😃

  2. Anne Mehrling Avatar

    You have certainly had a full and interesting life so far. I like your writing and enjoy learning more about you.

    1. Gradmama2011 Avatar

      thanks for commenting, welcome to my blog.

    2. Gradmama2011 Avatar

      thank you, its a pleasure to meet you.

  3. Fuzzy Panda Barista Avatar

    Wow. It is so nice to meet you. You certainly have had a varied and exciting life. I assume you have grandchildren from your title I love the rose, by the way

    1. Gradmama2011 Avatar

      thank you! yes I do have six grandchildren, and five great-grands. I think I have been very lucky in the opportunities I have had…I always credit that to having been born on Friday the 13th. 😃

  4. oneta hayes Avatar

    Gradmama2011, so glad you decided to follow me. I have enjoyed visiting you.
    I’ve also clicked your follow button. I will enjoy getting acquainted. I was impressed with your “sometime” theme. I will see you again – sometime.

    1. Gradmama2011 Avatar

      thank you…you are always welcome anytime. 🙂

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