I am Who I am, no matter how hard I try to be someone else

Yep, here I am in Blogging101 again.  This time my intentions are good, but that is normal…and we all know what they say about good intentions.

It occurred to me once when I was embarking upon a “reality trip” to Mexico, that I would soon be meeting a whole new group of people who had never heard of me before.    “This is my chance,”  I said to myself.  “I can be anything I want to, change my demeanor, background, speech, and present an entire New Me.”

Right.  No dumb comments, no Shy Me hiding in the shadows…New Me could be sophisticated, well-spoken, and always in control of my cool personality.   In fact, I could buy a new jungle-adventure wardrobe, and wear head-bands, pretty flowing tops, and jeans with zippers instead of Mom-jeans.

Great ideas.

First, at the airport, I had to accept a strangers help in hoisting my backpack into position.  I could not get into that baby without help.   So there went Cool Me with the airport-crowd.

At the Mexico City airport, changing to the domestic terminal, once I found where I was supposed to be I stood around with the crowd, my backpack perched on top of my suitcase, on one of those folding carrier things.  Cool Me trusted the luggage to stand up by itself…and it did not, crashing to the floor within an inch of a man’s foot.   He had to help me stand it up again, and was really very nice about it.

The Cool Me cover was blown, and although I had flown many times before, and traveled in Mexico before, I still managed to convince on-lookers that I was an inexperienced, naïve American who had no clue whatsoever.

I think that was the time I dropped my ID card (driver license) onto the rolling conveyor while passing through Security, and it rolled under the scanner and it had to be retrieved by an employee.

So the point is that the New Me is the same Old Me.   No matter how hard I try no one in Blogging101 classes will ever believe that I actually have traveled numerous times to foreign countries, and to jungle cities, as well as to professional conferences and research trips to various US cities.    I have been a newspaper writer/reporter, university History instructor.  I hold a Masters Degree in History, and ABD (all but dissertation toward a PHD.)   Love auctions, writing, books, gardening, working on my blog, beading.   I am 81 years old (which is not remarkable, anyone can be old AND productive… with a lot of ambition and a bit of luck.)

So–I am what I am, and (like Popeye,) nothing else.

I love blogging, and have been working on my blog, Sometimes, for awhile casually and for the past six months more or less regularly on WordPress University classes.   I write casual humor, occasional fiction, news commentary, class assignments, and other pieces.






10 responses to “I am Who I am, no matter how hard I try to be someone else”

  1. Anne Mehrling Avatar

    I find you and your writing delightful. You are spunky and downright fun. The projected perfect you might intimidate me completely.

    1. Gradmama2011 Avatar

      thank you, Anne…I appreciate your nice comments. Wow, “downright fun” is high praise indeed. L-)

  2. Paul R. Avatar

    I like how you write , it is joyful and make me smile 🙂

    1. Gradmama2011 Avatar

      thank you very much for the good comment

  3. JoHanna Massey Avatar
    JoHanna Massey

    Wonderful piece.
    “Be Yourself. Everyone else is taken.” Oscar Wilde

    1. Gradmama2011 Avatar

      thank you for visiting and “liking” or commenting on various posts. 🙂

      1. JoHanna Massey Avatar
        JoHanna Massey

        My pleasure.

      2. Gradmama2011 Avatar

        I have been following you for ages, but when I tried to push the follow button now it said I need a valid email address. One thing I’ve been wondering…do “follows” expire? A lot of my originals from last year are coming up as new. What the heck? Your blog is wonderful…such an inspiration to me! As I read more and more, I kept thinking “why don’t I publish my wonderful photos, and write more meaningful posts?” I vow to try harder… 🙂

      3. JoHanna Massey Avatar
        JoHanna Massey

        I believe the “follow” that appears in the bottom left screen, will have any new posts appearing in your Reader located just over the top of your dashboard. This shows up for WordPress users. All of the WordPress sites you follow show up in the Reader as they are posted and if they are posted with less than 15 tags.

        The “follow” in the sidebar of my sight does ask for an email address. It will have future posts sent to your email address, and you can choose to have them arrive immediately as they are posted, daily, weekly, or never by email. This covers WordPress users as well as anyone else in cyberspace that is interested in following. I do not get your email address. It is WordPress being able to send the emails to you.

        I am clueless if “follows” expire.

        I am not any kind of authority or expert on this, but so far this is how I understand the “follows”

        Hope this helps some.

        My best to you.

      4. Gradmama2011 Avatar

        thanks. When I get that and it is someone I want to follow, I just put in the email. Yes, I agree that it is a WordPress thing, designed to protect bloggers. I do like to get a notice when a post shows up from someone I follow. I don’t always hit the Reader because of time restraints. I like to go to the site right away, because if I save one for “later” my email fills up before I can check the saved ones.

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