Cats and Flowers

 Here are a few pics from my file.   Actually the ones I wanted to use are not cooperating…I have no idea why.  I am having a lot of anxiety and grief over getting my last batch of images onto WordPress blog.

cropped-dsc00452.jpgcropped-dsc01417.jpgDSC02168DSC00426 DSC00423 DSC00560DSC00475DSC02165DSC02167DSC01798

 DSC01650  DSC02083


Top to bottom:  Blue & White;

Tinkerbell, the “Queen” cat, who has no relation to any of the others and wouldn’t admit it if she did.


Pink Peonies

Pink Azalea

Blue Hydrangea

Red Roses in Tree Garden

Moby (He’s a Maine Coon…giant)

Moby posing and trying to look like Pearl

Baby on snow leopard spread

Baby and her late sister, with their kitten-sitter

Mawkin… lives outside (he was offered a place indoors, but declined to accept)

Pearl the Beautiful…no relation to Moby, who is three times her size.

NOTE:   none of these cats are related to any of the others.






9 responses to “Cats and Flowers”

  1. mary ann allen Avatar
    mary ann allen

    Love your cats and flowers! I’ve always wanted a Maine Coon cat…

  2. badfish Avatar

    You seem to get the photos on fine! You might want to rethink your Categories and Tags when you post. CAtegories are the pages inside your blog, the ones you have listed in your dropdown menu. Your tags are for outside the blog, for people to search topics to find your blog on the web. It took me months to understand this. Your blog has a very nice feel to it!

    1. Gradmama2011 Avatar

      the issue was not with the photos themselves, but eventually I figured out that my computer was not reading my camera…so the images appeared but I couldnt do anything with them. finally I put the little card in another camera…and it worked. duh…

      1. badfish Avatar

        Oh…that! Yeah, that would be a problem.

      2. Gradmama2011 Avatar

        story of my life 🙂

  3. Cindy Naidoo Avatar
    Cindy Naidoo

    Cats have a hard life….I have five all spoilt rotten and adorable!

    1. Gradmama2011 Avatar

      oh yes. I have one that is in her 18th year, and a grumpy old lady she is!

      1. Cindy Naidoo Avatar
        Cindy Naidoo

        That’s so sweet. My old old was also very grumpy. She fell off the roof in May this year and broke her hip and sadly had to be sent to rest 😦

      2. Gradmama2011 Avatar

        the poor thing! if she was old-old then it could be said that she died having fun on the roof. My Tinkerbell (I call her Mrs. Tinky) is very old, and getting very thin. She still plays sometimes, when she’s not being a grouch. She’s a yellow cat.

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