Rambling and Mumbling on Paper…what will I say?

Today is the first day of a new assignment on Writing101.  Free-writing, thinking on paper, just as fast as the keys will work without getting jumbled…and the object is to develop a writing habit–writing every single day without exception.  No excuses…write on the computer, on the phone (yikes!), or with a pencil or pen on a piece of paper.

The point is…just get  ‘er written.   Sure, technically this just just be impromptu, no stopping for punctuation or spell-checks.  This is a day when the Grammar Police are all staying in their chairs eating donuts, no sitting behind theoretical billboards waiting for one of us to use a semi-colon instead of a colon.  Apostrophes are free.

This morning when I went to the kitchen to feed the outdoor cats, there was a really ratty (more ways than one) opossum out on the deck.  These animals are never what could be called “cute,” although I suppose any animal is cute when they are small.  This one looks like it has been sleeping all winter, hibernating, and just stumbled out into the daylight looking for breakfast in its nightgown.    It is not only against the law to feed opossums, like raccoons, and other wild animals, but unhealthy.  Besides, they all eat anything they find, and if its in a nice dish all the better.

Also laying on the top of some bales of straw was the giant black-and-white cat that I have named Rambo (because he used to beat everyone up) …fast asleep.  Rambo is still leery of me, although I am always nice to him.  He tries his best to look like a ragged wild animal, but he can’t fool me–someone of the neighbors is feeding him and/or giving him shelter at least by tolerating him.

Rambo just looked at me.  The opossum went under the shelter and (hopefully) out the back.

Thanks to the APL local branch, there is a feral cat program by which they come out and trap, neuter or spay, and return feral cats and/or find homes for kittens.   All but two females have been fixed, and all of the Toms except Rambo, who is technically not our cat as he just comes around occasionally.   Or at least that’s what he DID, he seems to be spending more time here now.

Rambo is on the APL list, but so far he has managed to escape the inevitable trip to the vet clinic.

Writing about cats is a no-brainer for me, there is always something to say about cats.  So far with within my involvement with the Writing Courses I have been VERY reluctant to chat about cats.   This is because there is a LOT to say, and photos are called for.

Well…moving on down the Crisis List, I guess I’ve written enough for right now.






6 responses to “Rambling and Mumbling on Paper…what will I say?”

  1. lincahceria5 Avatar

    There’s always something to say about cat. So, Rambo is an expert in escape?

    1. Gradmama2011 Avatar

      Rambo is more of an expert in “avoidance” than escape exactly. He is a feral cat, and he looks wild. He is old now, and not quite as afraid of me as he used to be, but when I open the door he is ready to run and if I step out to put out food or water he runs away. I always speak politely to him. Catching him would be a huge undertaking…but if the protection people can trap him and take him to be neutered then he will be more attractive to live here.

      1. lincahceria5 Avatar

        Rambo reminds me of the cat in my neighbourhood that often fought and always won. Although he was such a bandit, he took care of his two children. He died a month ago.
        We don’t have protection people here anyway.

      2. Gradmama2011 Avatar

        They are part of the police dept, animal control.

  2. lightwalker1 Avatar

    I like the way you turn a phrase. Opossum in a nightgown Funny!. We too look after some feral cats. They change from year to year, but there is always one or two needing a little food and shelter. In love and light Cheryle

    1. Gradmama2011 Avatar

      Thanks, lightwalker. It was just an impression about the opossum… it just reminded me of someone stumbling around all disheveled looking. 😃

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