High Noon: The Brownie Emergency

[Today’s DAILY POST: Write about what you are doing, or thinking, at exactly High Noon today.]

One of good character qualities (yes, I do have some) is that I make every effort to be at appointments at exactly, or a little before, the appointed hour.  Sure, the key words are “make every effort,” but I really am good about being on time…unless I have forgotten and miss the date completely.

Today is no exception.  My Easter lunch date with my sister-in-law and a couple of her friends at the retirement center where they all live, was set for Noon.  High noon.  So I duly completed the shower, and got dressed–which included searching for some decent pants to wear, as blue jeans are frowned upon if not banned from the dining room at dinner.  Fortunately my navy blue Crocs surfaced in time, on the last-ditch search, so I didn’t have to wear the really ratty old tan Crocs…which would have ruined the perfect ensemble: a Kelly green top, navy dressy- cardigan sweater, and dark navy pants.  OK, they were jeans, but no one noticed.   Oh, in case any one is wondering: white socks…I really need to get some dark blue socks.

Any way, by about 11:30 I was looking about as spiffy as I get, and was scurrying to get out of the house before my son got home from church with the crisis of the day.   We had baked brownies last night, but due to me supervising and lecturing about reading directions and measuring correctly, the result was something like sweet coffee grounds mixed up with a lot of oil.  They tasted ok, but there was no way they could be allowed to travel to anyone’s home for Easter dinner.

Too late.   My motherly instincts got the best of me, and I suggested that I help measure out the Brownie mix ingredients properly, grease the pan with Crisco instead of nasty spray crap, and set the timer.  For good measure I turned on the oven, set the timer, and beat it out of the kitchen before something else came up.

The drive is about seven miles (I clocked it.)  Which reminds me, my odometer passed 66,666 miles at almost exactly HIGH NOON.   I was afraid that I was late, but when I looked at the clock inside the lobby while meeting my dinner dates, it was… exactly 12:00 NOON GMT-5.   Eastern Standard Time here in Ohio .

Brunch was wonderful…rare prime rib, Yum, scalloped potatoes, buttered carrots, super duper REN salad (whatever that is, it is good…) ubiquitous zucchini/carrot/green bean vegetable mix, Ham w/Raisin Sauce– nice, and bread, muffins and full salad bar.   PLUS… scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage–brunch food.

Don’t ya just hate people who insist on elaborating on every stinking detail about the menu?

I’m really glad I found my navy blue Crocs–there were women there with crystal-studded high heels, fancy swirling skirts and gorgeous dresses.   And the men!  Well I never saw so many great looking guys with spiffy shirts and bright ties…I don’t think there were any suits, maybe a sport coat or two.

As for the blue jean ban.  Originally, as I understand it, jeans were banned in the dining room…period.  But apparently there was an uprising which resulted in the ban being relaxed, and now… well bring on the denim.

I think I was the only one wearing Crocs, though.  I don’t care.  Really.  The very first time I saw the ugly duckling shoes it was love at first sight.   For the first time in my entire life I can walk or stand for hours in my shoes and not have my feet killing me.  End of gratuitous mention….  🙂






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