OK, OK, where’s the darn space button?

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “It’s a Text, Text, Text, Text World.”

This prompt is especially appropriate, as my friend in Virginia and I are exchanging cell numbers after at least 15 years of being email BFFs.   Yesterday in fact when a strange text came across I suspiciously replied to her question asking if I had received the text.   Fearing a dreaded bill collector or some other suspicious sender, I managed to spell out “Who?”

Being as how I don’t text much, having sent illiterate comments in reply to birthday greetings or such from the kids.   I was embarrassed to tap out something like: whoisthisandwhatdoyouwant… which actually isn’t too bad, the letters are all run together but easy to read, thanks to having managed to hit the right keys…so a simple word WHO conveyed my message.

After a few minutes trying to find the <space> button, my friend figured out that I had gotten the message, which was her purpose in sending the text in the first place.

But seriously, my daughters and nieces manage to plan very complicated holiday get togethers and birthday bashes, rock concerts, picnics, and roll-calls for attendance….all with text messages.  They can tell within a few minutes (providing all are available of course) who will be there, the nature of the occasion, and who will bring the deviled eggs.  Plus assorted other pertinent details.

Yes, I have a phone with a slide out section, and I do know where the space key is on there.  However, I rarely use the keyboard there, although it is a QWERTY keyboard that I have used for 70 years and know and love.

I can’t seem to get over the tiny keyboard, and have never typed with my thumbs.

So up until now I have only used my text capability to get number codes from tech support, and for forgotten passwords.

In my defense, I will point out that I had my first computer in 1983, and taught myself everything I knew up to Windows 8.1–which is impossible.

I have blogged about my history with computers in a post called Rise of the Machine, which in case anyone is interested, can be found at http://mumbletymuse.com/2015/01/26/rise-of-the-machine/

So OK, I will learn to text.  But the thought of typing with my thumbs just strikes me as weird.  🙂





5 responses to “OK, OK, where’s the darn space button?”

  1. m.a.allen Avatar

    Type with your thumbs???? I can’t do that either. I use my pointing finger… That’s just as fast and much more accurate…

  2. katemccseattle Avatar

    My heart goes out to you. Texting, done with agility and profusion by my sisters is painfully slow for me. I can touch type, more or less, on a keyboard but the itsy bitsy keys on my blackberry style cell phone are difficult to use.

  3. Catherine Hamrick Avatar

    This is priceless! Thank you for stopping by my blog. I look forward to reading yours!

    1. Gradmama2011 Avatar

      thanks so much! welcome to you, and I’ll be back soon.. 🙂

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