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April 2, 2015


Hit the 50+ Post mark! Yay! New Theme (again.)

by Gradmama2011

Yep, I now have 54 posts on SOMETIMES. Not sure how many themes have been tried out on this blog.  A lot. Note:  the new theme, called SAGA, is new too (at least to me) and this version of SOMETIMES  is RAW, folks… no colors, no background, no header ….no nothing.   Except my good old posts ranging from astute to nonsensical–all 54 of them!    Don’t worry though…no good theme goes untouched!  I will get to it soon.   Please let me know what you think… I’m such a copy cat.

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  1. Apr 3 2015

    Congrats! Going good with your experiments on the new themes and posts! 😉

  2. Apr 3 2015

    Congrats! Going good with your experiments with the themes and posts. 😉

  3. Apr 5 2015

    Its a good theme!

  4. Apr 17 2015

    Congrats. I too like to experiment with themes on my blog. Not as much as you though.
    Do check out my blog at


    • Apr 18 2015

      switching themes is a lot of work, but its fun. I am looking for a definite set of features, and I think that the Bold Life theme fits what I need. I would like to change from the white background on the text blocks, though, as the white hurts my eyes. Thanks for following.


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