“Me Time?” Why it’s not my ideal Saturday morning? It never is…

What’s your ideal Saturday morning? Are you doing those things this morning? Why not?


Why not?  Well, let’s see…the answer to that involves a ride in a tow truck.   Not that there is anything wrong with wreckers–in fact it’s sort of fun when the ride is on the turnpike when the truck can go really fast and the driver likes to lean on the horn.  Scares the bejeebers off of me if I’m the motorist riding along minding my business, but sitting there riding shotgun in the tow truck cab is…..well, empowering. 

It had warmed up to about nine degrees with the sun streaming down on the tundra.  The van had stopped in the middle of the driveway, facing the road, a bonus for the tow truck driver.    The two rear tires were beyond flat, they were flapping off the rims as they  dragged up onto the flatbed.

Thank golly for the AAA club membership that includes towing costs, or I would be lamenting with comments involving dollar signs $$$.   As long as I’m on the subject, the club only pays for the towing. not the tires…which set me back a few bucks.

To get to the actual WordPress Daily Prompt question about “Me Time”…

My ideal Saturday morning would be to get up at 8:00 a.m., make coffee, feed the inside cats, feed and water the outside cats without having to retrieve the one who got inside when the door was open. Then toast a couple of strawberry PopTarts without burning them.

Then sitting down at the computer, and settling down to work.  Ideally, there would be a wireless signal, and yahoo has my email ready. So far so good, but if the Windows decides to update, that is an issue.  The myriad computer connection issues will not be present this morning.  Ah…at last, fingers on the keyboard, web site working well, its time to get to work.

Then, keys clicking away, a feeling of contentment arrives.  The computer and printer and all other things that could possibly go wrong take a day off, and cooperate happily.  The telephone does not ring.  No one rings the doorbell.  Peace and quiet reign.

OK, that’s the ideal Saturday morning for me.

Then the interruptions begin.   A tentative voice whispers “Mom…”  Followed by any combination of sentences beginning with
“I need, We are Out of, The ___ won’t work.  The cat threw up…, Will you take me to ____.   I need twenty dollars–.”

The tow truck not withstanding, any number of Murphy’s Laws are applicable to cut into Me Time.





6 responses to ““Me Time?” Why it’s not my ideal Saturday morning? It never is…”

  1. Julie Avatar

    Car trouble can ruin the best of days. And on a Saturday morning? Yuck.
    I had to smile at you watering the cats. I say that, too. “Time to feed and water the dog and cat!” My kids laugh at the image of me watering them like a garden. Ha ha. I don’t think the pets would like that too much. Neither one takes kindly to water!

    1. Gradmama2011 Avatar

      The outside cats’ water dish freezes solid every couple of hours…it is cold here. I put warmish water in for them. They have shelters and they squeeze in there to stay warm.

  2. ryandan Avatar

    Reblogged this on Life In The Fast Lane and commented:
    Oh golly. This is so true. I can even add a few myself. Dad, where is my… Dad where did I leave my school bag.

  3. Casey Avatar

    Oh, my gosh, I was laughing out loud. The cat threw up. Yep. And, “There’s poo on the floor upstairs!” Yes, my son, this is why I asked if the dog did #2 when you took him out…and why you must stay outside for more than 47 seconds.

    Re: the water dish, I just saw something that might help. Our friends’ dog likes to be on the porch, even when it’s cold, so they built a box out of plywood and attached a ceramic lightbulb base inside (at the top of one side), then (I probably don’t have to say this) put a bulb in to create heat. You could do that and put the water bowl inside the box to prevent freezing. They left one side open and it was still warm enough for the pup.

    1. Gradmama2011 Avatar

      good idea about the lightbulb in the outside box. I’ve thought of those heater-seat people use at football games (don’t know if they work). The thing is, my outside cats are really feral cats that have adapted to my back deck. I had a post recently with some photos of my cat shelter outside. I’m talking 8 to 11 full grown cats! It has been below zero for weeks, and when its really cold they all huddle in their hut…good word, hut…made of straw, tarps, cardboard, etc.

  4. Sonya Avatar

    I had to laugh about the outside cat that got in. Yes, there’s always one, isn’t there?

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