Last Post Forever? Thanks for everything…I’ll keep in touch.

[This is a suggestion in an assignment for TheDailyPost, at the end of a blogging101 class.  Hope it isn’t really my last post, but it is not far from the truth.]


Dear Universe…I have submitted my more or less official life story through a series of blogs, similar in some ways to a written journal or diary, for only a few months.  Having had enough “formal” training in setting up and maintaining a blog, it has proven to be THE best possible form of meeting my goal…which is to “tell all” to the world.  To the Universe, in fact.

Yes, I do know that the actual published blog reaches a relatively few readers.  The information is of genuine interest to some, to others of no consequence except as casual readers.    MOST people in the world have no knowledge, interest, or concern about my life.  In fact only  a handful of my actual flesh-and-blood relatives, in-laws, friends…pets (theoretically?)  will ever have come into any contact with me in my lifetime.

Exceptions to this rule include readers who have read my written works, such as they are, in newspapers, term papers, email messages to various lists, and now…a few bloggers, mostly people who have been my classmates in assorted WordPress courses.  I have been a Tarot card reader, traveler, student, university instructor, politician, Girl Scout leader, patient.  Some of the people I came in contact with in those capacities may remember me–for good or bad.  Or not.

Through most of my life my single purpose, or dream, has been to write.  The very best venue I have ever found is Blogging…writing my thoughts and experiences, and attempts at entertainment, onto the computer monitor.

With full knowledge that these words that I am typing and saving to the internet will become part of cyberspace, the vast network of human knowledge and experience.   Out there, in theory, the things that I write and submit to the masses of the universe will go on and on…forever.

Who knows how long into the future an electronic Search will take these posts, making them available to countless potential readers.

Once the Blog posts leave me, they are thrown out into cyberspace for anyone, anywhere, any time, to read.   IF they want to, if they are interested.  The point I am making is that my work published on the internet wil be available indefinitely.

If no one reads it…that’s fine, no one has to read it, the point is that it will still exist at some level some time.

So anyway–thanks WordPress for the opportunity to post to infinity!

To any Martians out there… hi and good luck.

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One response to “Last Post Forever? Thanks for everything…I’ll keep in touch.”

  1. "Bethie" Avatar

    I hope this isn’t goodbye, but you are right that as long as the Internet exists, all our words, whether they came from a place of love, joy, fear or anger, are out there for the world to stumble upon for infinity. 😀

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