The Aztec Calendar meets Thoth & the Sacre Couer

My walls are adorned with an eclectic collection of art. There is no plan or theme, except for the empty-space-on-the-wall school. Many of the treasures in my gallery are the works of various kids and grands, who inherited the strong strain of artistic talent that runs through our family…I personally did not.DSC02151

A large framed replica of the Aztec Calendar (sometimes called the Aztec Sun Stone) hangs on one wall of a small alcove behind the television. One Christmas my youngest daughter and son-in-law won the Best Mom Gift Prize with this gorgeous circular carving of malachite, in an octagonal shaped wood frame. Son-in-law bought the Aztec Calendar in an antique shop, and said “I don’t know what this is, but it looks like something your Mom would like.” Indeed.

There are two large oil paintings, both featuring Paris street scenes with the Sacrè Couer in the background. These paintings were special gifts that I gave to my late husband, who had a deep interest in Paris, and he enjoyed these paintings very much. These paintings do not really match my personal interests, but they need to stay where they are safely on the wall until some day other arrangements are made for them.

DSC02149 DSC02148

Moving down the hall, a collection of small water-color drawings of Arizona desert cactus, mountains, cave drawings and the like, adorn the walls, including a large painting with mountains and Sajuaro cacti with snow on them.

Also in the T-shaped hallway are: a lovely drawing of an apple tree, signed by the artist, whom I don’t know. A vintage Coca-Cola tray, a painting of some sunflowers, and three clay masks of Meso-American groups including the Tarascans and the Olmecs.  I’m not sure of the one in the middle.


At the end of hallway, in the place of hall-way honor, is an enormous acrylic painting in reds featuring a grey wolf or dog, a star, and the words “you will not catch it.” This painting was done by a grandson-in-law, who has achieved some local renown for his brightly colored paintings. (There is another, smaller painting, also reds and yellow, featuring a key, in my bedroom, by the same artist.)

In my room also is an excellent painting featuring the god Thoth, which is painted by a grand-daughter who has proven to have the family artistic touch…although her forte is as a guitarist in her rock band, which has also earned a following in the area. That painting features greens and blue, with the subject in yellow.


Oh, also on the bedroom walls are a fine tapestry or wall hanging featuring an oriental looking woman with a mandolin; at her feet is a man with a flute, holding a cup into which the woman is pouring a liquid from a pitcher. There is also on the opposite wall an embroidered wall-hanging with red poppies on it. That originated in I think Poland. Both of these items are intended for eventual sale.

Last but not least is my Family Wall. Photos of my grandparents as newlyweds; a four-generation picture of my Great-grandma, Grandmother, Dad, Brother, and Me. I am three in the picture. Then there is my late-husband in his fire chief cap, assorted grands and in-laws, and a small embroidered picture of a green and blue basic colored garden night scene with a red embroidered moon.  In the lower right corner is a quilt block from a quilt my great-grandmother made for me when she was 93.   The bottom photos are my grandparents, and the large portrait is of my great-grandmother at age 16 with her BFF (best friend forever) in their fancy hats.  This was about 1860.  (The girls were indeed BFF…I have a snapshot of them together when they were about 80.)








3 responses to “The Aztec Calendar meets Thoth & the Sacre Couer”

  1. m.a.allen Avatar

    Very interesting…

  2. Roz Avatar

    Love the calendar. Thanks for the tour!

  3. othermary Avatar

    What treasures you have on your walls!

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