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February 16, 2015


If I could clone myself…well, I’d be outta here!

by Gradmama2011

The  prompt for blogging101 today asks what I would do if I could clone myself into several of Me, how would I assign responsibilities.   So this is my answer to that good question.   I am creating  five copies, or clones, of myself.  (I suppose it is too much to ask that one or more of the clones get a complete make-over…make-up and new wardrobe and all that …)

Clone 1 — The Housekeeper.   Her job is to clean the house, bake cookies and make grand meals like meatloaf and mashed potatoes, mac & cheese, etc.   (She may or may not be the Nutritionist, that’s up to her individual job description.)  Her uniform will include an apron at all times, and decent shoes.  This Clone will also be The Gardener, but she will have the option of hiring laborers.

Clone 2 —  The Care-giver.  This Clone will do any administrative duties, make doctor appointments, and run interference when needed.  She is the Mother, party-planner, grocery-shopper, and must be prepared to handle ANY situation.   She will wear a shirt that says “Let Me Put Aside What I am Doing and Tend to Your Needs.”

Clone 3 — The Business  Manager.  She will run the online bookstore, the ebay store,  and anything to do with bill collectors, payment due dates, and the bank.   On her door the business manager will have a sign that says KEEP OUT, APPOINTMENTS NECESSARY, CLOSED ON WEEKENDS.

Clone 4 — The Technician will deal with the camera, tablet, computer, printer…and all interaction with the Geek Squad, any and all Customer Service or Support people.   The Tech will have the right to be left alone when unpacking, setting up, studying instruction manuals, or speaking on the phone.  She will at no time be required to reply to questions like: “are you sure its plugged in? ” or “maybe YOU did something wrong?”

Clone 5 — The Trouble-shooter will be responsible for anything that goes wrong at any time, with any appliance, machine, car, tractor, snow-blower, toaster…this is an open-ended job.  There is one exclusion here…the computer room equipment, which should NOT come under the jurisdiction of Clone 5.

OK…that takes care of the Clones.

As for ME, the original model….I’m moving to Tucson.

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  1. Feb 16 2015

    Wow !
    Great answer with great wit. Enjoyed reading it.
    The original you could move to Tucson or to LA and enjoy lots of mytime, periodically supervising the clones from a distance.

    • Feb 16 2015

      thank you! Tucson is absolutely my idea of heaven on earth. If I did move I would designate one of the Clones as “In charge” back here in Ohio. 🙂

  2. Feb 16 2015

    That’s a great thought, I’m just not sure I could live with 4 or 5 clones of myself and I’m pretty sure my wife would kill them off in the first couple of weeks. It would be interesting to see, if she kept one, which clone she would keep.

    • Feb 16 2015

      I wouldn’t actually live with my clones, I’d just set them all to their jobs and take off.

  3. Feb 16 2015

    Ha-Ha!!! Loved it!!!!!

  4. Feb 16 2015

    Interesting, Interesting & hilarious!

  5. Feb 16 2015

    What a great idea. Enjoy Tucson and let the clones take care of everything, while you take care of you! Novel idea.

  6. Feb 16 2015

    Good post. I could use some of the same kinds of clones.


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