Snow on the cat shelters






7 responses to “Snow on the cat shelters”

  1. maggiepea Avatar

    You did a great job putting this together! The things that are alike are together and this makes it easy to follow. It’s hard working with these many photos and having to drag them around. Kudos!

    1. Gradmama2011 Avatar

      I would have to thank WordPress for the way this gallery turned out. All I did was upload the photos and click the Gallery button. In fact I didn’t move one single photo! I would have written some captions but I missed it. This is a great program…I’m very pleased. Thanks for the compliment.

      1. maggiepea Avatar

        @Grandma2011 I’m getting pretty familiar with the Gallery and the many options we have in there to create groups of photos. It feels good to toggle back and forth and know what to do, finally! haha

  2. WagginMaster (aka Jerry) Avatar

    A little snow is always good for the soul.

    1. Gradmama2011 Avatar

      I think so too. It’s just the ice that I don’t appreciate.

  3. Cindy Naidoo Avatar
    Cindy Naidoo

    A winter wonderland! We don’t have snow in South Africa 😦

    1. Gradmama2011 Avatar

      that’s a mixed blessing, Cindy. Snow is beautiful…but treacherous. 🙂

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