Dreaming about a BUFFALO?

One of my most recurring dreams is called “The Farm.” The theme, or plot, of this dream is loosely built upon farm property that my late husband and his parents worked for decades. But of course this is a place in the realm of dreams…and not based on anything even remotely real.

Last night’s episode combined elements of two basic dream scenarios. One was the basic farm market theme, the other involved a very old house which is a staple of another of my nocturnal destinations. In the dream here under discussion the two-story building was more like huge barn than like a house.

I was called to the back of the building to see, at the second story window, a very large stag with a huge rack of horns.

The animal softly uttered a sound that for all the world sounded like “MEW…” I said to him, “OK–I’ll get you out.”

The problem was one of logistics, getting the stag to come down the stairs of his own volition, without trampling any of the people who had gathered, apparently finding the situation more interesting than browsing the vegetable market.

The stag proceeded to come down the stairs and make a dash for one of the open areas leading outside. At least one female deer, in a panic, crashed about and escaped unharmed. Two fawns were leaping about like ballerina dancers.

My concern was for the frantic animals, and the foolish crowd milling around as if at a circus. Then there was a ruckus at the stairs, and I yelled “WATCH OUT FOR THE BUFFALO!”

The poor BUFFALO was huge, and had the prerequisite curved horns. It was frightened by the crowd , which by now was as scared as the buffalo.
At this point our neighbor’s big chocolate lab, Princess, had moved between me and the buffalo–which both of us greatly appreciated.-







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