Why I hate watching Cable news…

Watching the tv news can make one sick. Literally. Look how they did such a great job of creating an Ebola panic.

Not that Ebola is not something to be afraid of, but CNN in particular made it sound like the disease was going to kill us all–and soon.

One after another CNN trotted out the experts, who were immediately upon stating their educated opinion (or guess) contradicted by the news anchor. When the health expert stated at great length that Ebola is not spread through the air…there was speculation about airborne infection.

The underlying emphasis in the Ebola scare seemed to be placing blame. The hospital in Dallas came under immediate fire from CNN and others frantic or eager to place the blame–on the hospital in Dallas, or on the nurses. As it turned out there WAS a working protocol, and while the staff was not trained specifically in caring for Ebola cases, they were knowledgeable about infectious diseases.

The talking heads contributed opinions, suggestions, and conjecture about who to blame and what everyone did wrong. Fortunately the Ebola Crisis came right at Election Time. Perfect! It provided a made-to-order campaign issue: blame somebody, and who better than the White House?

Another advantage–an American favorite–SUE somebody. Anybody. The first report I remember mentioned the city suing the patient, which became moot when the man died.

I do understand the reasons for worst-case-scenario coverage. I do…it is the nature of those who cover these events to feel excitement (even exhilaration) when covering the newest crisis. Drama and flash-bang situations are a lot sexier than soothing medical comfort calm-talkers.






2 responses to “Why I hate watching Cable news…”

  1. gonorthneuwirths Avatar

    I despise watching the news. It makes me uneasy, everything is depressing. I truly think ‘ignorance is bliss’ sometimes.

    1. Gradmama2011 Avatar

      Indeed…the news is depressing. Thanks for following. I am impressed with your gorgeous photos. Love the boots!

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