Why Auntie Buzz is the life of the party…


November 19, 2014 at 1:54 pm

Eccentric people are my favorite kind. What is the opposite of eccentric?
Plain, Conforming, Ordinary?

I wonder who set up the rule book for behavior? Who decided how we all should act, and set the standards for our respective cultures? Picture a committee of faceless, uninteresting, boring people sitting around making up rules…all the same…not a healthy eccentric among them.

Who were these people? I’ll bet they were drab as mud. They would not have liked me much.

Non-eccentrics brings to mind a bunch of neatly and conservatively dressed people sitting around a dinner table eating nicely, napkin in use, proper placement of utensils. They all have nicely groomed hair, in a proper do. They sit up straight and don’t kick their chairs, don’t drop morsels of terrible food in their laps and onto the floor under the table. If they dislike a dish they eat it anyway without comment. They use good proper English or German, Farsi, Portuguese, Mandarin, whatever the appropriate language happens to be. No slang.
What this family needs is an eccentric, character, individual thinker, outrageous cut-up….well, whatever he or she is called. Let’s call her Auntie Buzz (her real name is Hermione, but she likes to go by “Buzz.”

Auntie Buzz wears huge tie-shoes with reinforced toes. If it is winter she wears shorts…she may sport her winter parka in July. She buys her clothing at the discount bin at the thrift store. Sometimes she wears make-up and tries to look like Cleopatra. She speaks fourteen languages…if she wants to…otherwise she just asks for things with a single word or calls an item by the wrong name. She talks to animals, and believes in ghosts.

The children love Auntie Buzz, and want to be like her when they grow up. The plain…boring…proper relatives disdain her eccentricities — they wanted to be just like her when THEY were growing up, but conformed to the “norm” instead.






2 responses to “Why Auntie Buzz is the life of the party…”

  1. m.a.allen Avatar

    In the Richmond area, these conformist women would certainly wear white gloves wherever they went!

    1. Gradmama2011 Avatar

      Still wearing white gloves? Thinking about this I envision little black hats with veils, as well.

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