Ah, the age-old question. Easy answers, but maybe complicated.

I am here because I have endless blog ideas in my head, begging to be published. More to the point is that I need a shove to get this stuff out where others can read it–if they are interested.

Metaphorically my brain is less like an orderly file cabinet, and more like a series of cardboard boxes filled willy-nilly with stories and ideas, rough drafts, deathless prose just waiting to be uncovered. This material might never see the light of day without a shove in the right direction.

Here’s a few topics I want to include in my blog: CATS. Writing. Back In the Day…, Books. Collecting stuff. History. Opinionated Rants and Pious Preaching. Outrageous Historical Misinformation.

Actually I already have an introduction to my blog, SOMETIMES, which has been languishing in my blog draft file. In fact…there are a couple of such intro pieces, now that I think about it.

…glad to be aboard!