Welcome to my Wonderland

When Alice fell down the rabbit hole into Wonderland, she had no clue as to what to expect.    She didn’t know where she was going, what she would find once she got there, and why the whole thing was happening.   “What the heck?”  Alice must have said.
images82EETJ97 alice
Actually the whole adventure must have been something like writing a blog.   Where to go?   What to do?

There is a vague idea of where THIS blog is going.   It will be rambling, like any good blog, and really have no set-in-stone content.   It will deal with Dreams, Wishes, True Life Adventures, and History.   It is a diary, a journal actually…which will include wishful thinking, harsh reality, political commentary, photo albums, maybe some humor.   Of course humor is in the opinion of the beholder, and what one person thinks is hilariously entertaining another will consider stupid and boring.   There is Smiling Humor, Rolling Eyes Humor, Smirk Humor, and Sick Humor and I suppose there will be a little bit of each herein.

The stories will be true, unless otherwise noted.   Of course the occasional exaggeration, or half-truth, or would-be truth, or even could-be-truth, or might-have-been truth.   Sometimes a locale will be identified by a made-up name, or vaguely described.   Many individuals who are named will be mis-identified, or even fictitious.  Where historical or presumed factual information accompanies photographs or news reports the information is to the best of my recollection or point-of-view.   In the case of errors, please feel free to let me know when information is wrong or incomplete. Maybe I’ll edit it.

The photography and writing is mine, unless otherwise stated.   Many of the photos were taken by my late husband, Bob who excelled at photography, as well as most other things!

So come on in to my version of Wonderland!   Enjoy the scenery and the stories, and have a good time looking around.






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