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  • Not lost, not forgotten…just on another page.

    Originally posted on SOMETIMES: [WRITING 101–DAY FOUR:  Something that I had once but lost.] We are back in the days of the sailing ships powered by great billowing canvas panels,  dependent on wind power. I am not sure of the year, or even the type of sailing vessel.  It may have been a great Clipper Ship,…

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  • The Thing I do Best is Now the Thing I Do FIRST

    Shifting Priority I have decided to change my priority without worrying about inferiority or the ways of the majority. No longer will I pretend to put domestic concerns ahead of my life’s purpose — Writing! Back in the day any writing I did was secondary, or confined to the secretary’s desk. For a housewife back then…

  • A Word to the Wise

    Why Blog? All it takes to write in a Blog Is a Writer who is a Blogger and a Reader who reads Blogs. If someone is reading that Blog –even if the blog is about nothing then all the components are there: the Blogger blogs, and the Reader reads. And IF he is reading, and she is…

  • What My Future Holds, In Six Words

    [Daily Post Prompt for today:    Write a six-word story about what you think the future holds for you, and then expand on it in a post.] Writing at last, I’m happy now. Expansion on the title story:  “WHAT MY FUTURE HOLDS” That short story, consisting of SIX WORDS, is self-explanatory–even if it does sound a…

  • My Favorite Quotation

    [Day 5 Writing 101 assignment is to prepare a blockquote featuring a favorite quote.] Always know what you will do if your first plan fails. ~ J. Paul Getty

  • grand central station draft

    the grand central station of the universe souls of the travelers lost in time waiting eternally for their Lost Ones waiting for the other shoe to drop searching for the One that has come and gone taking along the tattered and lonely souls and broken hearts existing on the edge and biding their time in…

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